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About Keystone

Keystone Universal Corporation was established in 1973 when two partners decided to purchase a small repackaging business from Ralph Rose. Mr. Rose had began Universal Associates to meet the needs of the small bakeries who used ammonium carbonate, or otherwise known as "Bakers Ammonia". When Keystone Universal began operations, their facility was a small garage-like building in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. They packaged 5 pound cans of ammonium carbonate that were designed to meet the baker's needs. After a year of commuting, Keystone Universal was relocated to Melvindale, Michigan in a somewhat larger building. As our customer base slowly increased into other markets, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, we needed to expand. So Keystone Universal purchased a larger facility to supply its growing customers. Long gone are the days of the hand packaging. We are able to supply our customers in a variety of containers to meet their needs.

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