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  • In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
    For analytical purposes. In the production of organic compounds, e.g. heterocycles. To manufacture catalysts.

  • In the chemical processing industry
    As a blowing agent for manufacturing foam plastics and rubber. In the production of casein colors, casein glues and other adhesives. As an additive in photographic developers.

  • In the textile industry
    For neutralizing in the carbonization process. In dyeing as a base that can be readily removed by boiling. As a neutralizing agent in hat manufacture.

  • In the cosmetics industry
    As an additive for shampoos and hair lotions. For smelling salts.

  • In the food industry
    In some countries ammonium carbonate is used as a leavening agent for gingerbread and dry biscuits. The carbon dioxide released during heating is decisive for the leavening power.

  • As an additive in processing uranium (as ammonium uranyl carbonate in the AUC process).

  • In the production of strippers
    Nickel and copper coats can be stripped off steel, plastic and zinc-die-casting surfaces with solutions of this kind.

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